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Rahul International School
Rahul International School

CBSE Schools in Hinjewadi Pune


CBSE Schools in Hinjewadi PuneRahul International School is CBSE Schools in Hinjewadi Pune. It is an initiative by Rahul Education, and was founded with a goal to encourage every learner in Hinjewadi to ‘Be The Best.’ We provide quality education and focus on multi-faceted holistic development, with the help of our skill-based learning and potential-based teaching module. Our world-class infrastructure includes modern campuses and facilities like functional Science labs, Music, Art & Design rooms that promote new-age learning for our learners. We have experienced faculty and an efficient administration that lead us towards academic prowess within the CBSE curriculum.
Our highly experienced staff proudly reflects our shared vision of all-around academic excellence, necessary to ensure the individual success of every learner. While we focus on academic excellence, we also believe in the importance of the positive mental and emotional growth of a child. We aim to provide the direction, counsel and support required by each learner in order to full his/her potential. While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has been crafted with an emphasis on the overall development of a child’s personality including creativity, innovation and discipline.
We encourage our learners to focus on their individual potential and hone their skills within our academic environment. We offer immense benefits to the learners who plan to appear for competitive examinations and for their higher education. Our modern facilities, tech-enabled learning and well-rounded approach to education help us provide learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in all fields.


CBSE School


Central Board of Secondary


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Grade XII


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From The Management


Shree L. R. Tiwari

Founder Chairman
Rahul Education


In my 25+ years as an educator, I have realised that good education is the path to success, and every child has a right to an education that offers them quality academic knowledge and all-round development. Since our inception in 1992, we have been dedicated towards our responsibility in educating the young minds of the country. We aim to inspire and challenge our learners to develop an enthusiasm for learning and we do this with compassion, understanding, respect and appreciation, ensuring that no child is left behind.
At RIS, we believe that a thorough education is more than just academics; it is creativity, innovation, social awareness, effective communication and a tolerant and respectful attitude towards others. These attributes are what we aim to guide our learners towards and through them, take forward the legacy of RIS. We encourage all our learners to learn, create, develop, and explore technology that will aid their ability to be efficient, innovative and aware in the future. Our teachers dedicate themselves to meticulous planning & execution of the curriculum in order to ensure individual success and growth. At RIS, our academic heritage is important to us, and we wish to pass on to our learners to make them better citizens of the world. I hereby warmly welcome you to the RIS family.

Smt. K. L. Tiwari

Rahul Education


We founded RIS more than two decades ago, with a vision to bring all-round, quality education to learners across the country. What began as one school has now expanded and emerged as one of the leading educational institutes within the country.
We aim to continue our years of dedication and further our legacy within the field of education, by providing our learners with the best academic, moral and extra-curricular knowledge. We strongly believe in the transformative power of good education and the changes it can bring with it.

Shree. Rahul. L. Tiwari

Rahul Education


For the past 25 years, RIS has represented quality education and I am pleased with everything we have achieved. Our motto has always been the pursuance of all-round excellence in education, and we aim to further this heritage with the same belief system.
With changing times, our goal is to encourage flexibility within the school system in order to accommodate the transforming academic codes of the country. Tech-enabled learning, specialised teaching and digital platforms depict the future of education at RIS.

Smt. Krishna R. Tiwari

Jt. Secretary
Rahul Education


At RIS, we have maintained our mission of empowering the young minds of our country with excellent all-round education. Our aim going forward is to reorganise our teaching and learning methods to fit the changing times. We believe that education in the country is drastically changing, and it is our responsibility to prepare our learners for the future with the best tools available now. Although our dedication to quality education remains unchanged, our methods will be constantly evolving to provide our learners what they deserve.
– Smt. Krishna R. Tiwari
Jt. Secretary, Rahul Education
(M.Sc., M.Ed., P.G.D.Ed.M., D.D.H.M., D.FS.M)


‘We believe that if the students are taught motivation, time management, stress management, and all of the other essential helpful life skills, they will naturally become successful in life. Our motto is to help our students become the best version of themselves, to encourage their talents and ambitions, in order to help them grow and prosper into responsible citizens of the country. As educators, it is our responsibility to encourage new talent and give it the right direction’

principal hinjawadi 1

Mr.Mahadev kokate,



Next to Orritel Hotel, Hinjewadi.

Pune – 411057. Maharashtra.

Call: +91 8329901101 / 8010685284

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