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Who We Are


RIS 1200X1200 FB lastRIS is an initiative by Rahul Education, and was founded with a goal to encourage every learner to ‘Be The Best.’ We provide quality education and focus on multi-faceted holistic development, with the help of our skill-based learning and potential-based teaching module. Our world-class infrastructure includes modern campuses and facilities like functional Science labs, Music, Art & Design rooms that promote new-age learning for our learners. We have experienced faculty and an efficient administration that lead us towards academic prowess within the CBSE, ICSE, and CAIE (IGCSE) curriculums. Our highly experienced staff proudly reflects our shared vision of all-around academic excellence, necessary to ensure the individual success of every learner. While we focus on academic excellence, we also believe in the importance of the positive mental and emotional growth of a child. We aim to provide the direction, counsel, and support required by each learner in order to full his/her potential. While we have established high standards for academic achievement and performance, our educational programme has been crafted with an emphasis on the overall development of a child’s personality including creativity, innovation, and discipline.

We encourage our learners to focus on their individual potential and hone their skills within our academic environment. We offer admission to eligible learners from Pre-primary to Grade XII, along with immense benefits to the learners who plan to appear for competitive examinations and for their higher education. Our modern facilities, tech-enabled learning, and well-rounded approach to education help us provide learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in all fields.